Lace Front Wigs Natural Brown Wigs For Women

I am rather new to lace wigs, but having bought five others here on net, I have to say- this has been the best. Do not make the mistake I did and put heat on it, however. You will ruin the hair, the curl pattern, texture, etc. I bought a second one because of my own mistake, and its just as amazing as the first was before I ruined it.

It is so incredibly soft and realistic looking. I’ve had several women tell me I have the prettiest hair they’ve ever seen they have no idea it’s a wig. Its super soft, doesnt tangle anymore than my own, natural hair would, and is really comfortable to wear.

I did pluck the hairline and cut some of the length off, as well as made some of the lace front pieces a bit shorter, but I dont think much customization is necessary to make it work. That was just for my liking.

Seriously, if you’re thinking about the lace front wigs uk, bye it! I’ve worn it out many, many times now (at least once or twice a week), and it’s been like new since I’ve gotten it and taken care of it. Would definitely buy again!

lace front wigs uk

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