Ombre Dark Ashy Blonde Lace Front Wigs for Women

The wig is overall good and nice for the price however it isn’t a wig i would wear straight out the packaging. You have to do some customizing to it first. I plucked the part to make it look more realistic and plucked the hairline and cut baby hairs to it and laid the edges down.

I also put foundation and concealer on the underpart to match my skin tonw. It looked very nice and more realistic afterwards. However the lace front wig is rather thin in the back I noticed and the cap can sometimes be seen if you’re not careful. It also sheds but that is expected.

I haven’t put too much heat in it but my blow dryer gets very hot and it didnt melt when i was drying the glue down. This was my first time wearing a wig and I got it for a concert but i’m not too sure if it would hold up well for a everyday wig.


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