Straight Human Hair Weave Bundles Virgin Brailian Hair

This is the first time that I have ever!!! purchased hair online, and the second time in my life getting a sew in. I have gotten so many compliments on the virgin brazilian hair weave, or asked where did you get that hair. My hairstylist cannot believe that the hair after 2 months 3 washes the hair still looks good.

The hair does not shed it can be brushed combed it does not shed. It holds the cut and style well moves very nicely,I actually forgot that it’s not my real hair, you know what. It is real hair. The ends do not frizz or look raggedy and matted. For the price the quality is tops.

I wished I knew how to do a photo, you’really going to have to take me at my word the hair is really nice, ex c use me while I go for my 4th wash.

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